Jolanta Kossakowska

Vocalist playing also stringed instruments such as medieval fiddles, gęśle, baroque violin. Jolanta is the frontwoman of MOSAIK, fusing Polish, Mediterreanian and Middle Eastern musical traditions. She composed and performed feminist engaged music with ethno-punk-folk group Pochwalone and took part in the R.U.T.A. project, awarded with Polityka’s Passport, category pop music (an annual prestigious Polish award presented by the weekly magazine Polityka). Currently Jolanta performs with Gwidon Cybulski as a vocal-instrumental duo called Fragile (violin+ngoni). Since 2019 she works as a musician in Teatr Małego Widza. Jolanta is a winner of Golden Fiddle Special Award of New Tradition Festival of the Polish Radio.

Jolanta is a songwriter as well as composer of music for theatre and film. She has participated in several projects combining different music genres, for instance such recordings as Warszawa. Tribute to Joy Division (2007), Etnofonie Kurpiowskie (2011) and Cały na biało – Frument with symphonic orchestra (2016). Jolanta has held concerts with different ensembles of early and contemporary music. She is also a guest performer of international music projects and festivals, such as Euro-Med Festival (HU/PL/SRB), Baltic Masters (DK), KoreanPolish Jazz Mosaics, No Man’s Land (NZ).

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